Colorado Oath Keepers has a number of training programs for our Community Preparedness Teams and our Homeguard Teams.  This is high-quality training from our military, law enforcement and  first responders.  The cost is currently a donation but we may begin charging to cover the out-of-pocket for the instructors. (Maybe $20 each).

When was the last time you saw an offer of tactical training designed by Special Forces from a infantry combat veteran for the cost of a donation?  De-escalation from a 20-year law enforcement officer? How about medical training from a doctor or an EMT?  HAM training from Extra Class HAM operators?  Engineering training (Water treatment, shelter, etc.) from a combat engineer?

Join one of our CPTs or HGTs and start training with us today!

Courses Currently Offered:

Medical I

Medical II

Medical III

Communications I

Communications II

Communications III

Land Navigation I

Land Navigation II

Engineering I

Security I

Security II

Security III

Advanced Patrolling



Long Range Tactical Shooting

Man Tracking II

Folks we have had a lot of questions regarding the training prerequisites we published recently. I want to take a couple of minutes to address these.

There are essentially two types of folks we are hearing these from: 1) Folks not physically capable of the rigors of Security I. 2) Folks that have no interest in learning these skills and just want to protect their families and homes.

The first group is a group we are working to develop adequate alternative training for. This will be HomeGuard training, as opposed to CPT training. We see a lot of value in the contribution these folks can make and we are happy to train them and work with them to make our communities stronger.

The second group is a bit more difficult. The mission we Oath Keepers are executing is to get our communities as prepared as possible for the worst. Those that are working to prepare themselves and their families are to be commended. That said, what we are looking for in Oath Keepers are folks that are willing to serve their fellow citizens and to provide the necessary skills to keep the community safe from a wide spectrum of threats. None of the other skills or preparations matter if one cannot protect themselves or their material preparations. Those who believe that their hunting rifle and defensive pistol are adequate are terribly misinformed about the potential threats and would do well to read books on the collapse of other modern, first-world nations to better inform their decisions and to understand the goals we have set. The military is projected into many humanitarian missions. Please note that they always place security high on their priorities. This is because they know, from experience, that the first thing one must provide to a community is security. Without security nothing else can be accomplished and maintained in a chaotic environment.

Since we value the preparations of everyone and want to find ways for folks to contribute to the mission, we have decided to make our courses open to folks that do not want to participate in CPT teams or HomeGuard. That said, our mission is to create these teams and everything we do must be to support this mission. Therefore, it has been decided that for folks that are going to be in a CPT or HomeGuard team there is a specific order that courses must be taken in and the courses are provided free of charge.

For those that do not wish to contribute by being members of a team, the level 1 courses will be free (donations requested) and level 2 & 3 courses can be taken without all level 1 courses but they will be required to pay fair market value for the courses. These funds will be used to offset the cost of training for the CPTs and HomeGuard teams. In this way, folks in the second group can contribute to the Oath Keeper mission while being allowed access to our excellent training.

Bill Witten
Assistant State Coordinator
Colorado Oath Keepers